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Can I Become a Flight Attendant with a Criminal Record?

Becoming a flight attendant is a dream for many people, as such a career can include amazing lifestyle perks such as free or highly discounted travel. Getting a flight attendant job can be extremely difficult if you have a criminal record, however, as most airlines that fly internationally will require all new hires to be able to enter Canada. The Canadian border is notoriously strict when it comes to admitting visitors with a criminal history, and even an old misdemeanor DUI or misdemeanor theft offense can cause a person to be denied entry. Consequently, anyone with a criminal conviction will typically need to obtain special permission to enter Canada before he or she will ever be eligible for a flight crew position.

How to Get Hired as a Flight Attendant When You Have a Criminal Record

If you are interested in becoming a flight attendant some day, but you have a DUI or other criminal history, it may be possible to permanently overcome your inadmissibility to Canada by applying for Criminal Rehabilitation. A person is eligible to apply for Canadian Criminal Rehabilitation if it has been at least five years since all sentencing was fully finished including payment of fines or court fees and probation. If approved for Rehabilitation, an American can then fly or drive to Canada as often as they wish without their past misdemeanor or felony conviction causing them to be sent home. At this point, an airline contemplating hiring the person will know that the past incident will no longer put him or her at risk of being detained by Canadian border authorities if ever scheduled on a flight to Canada. It typically takes about 6 to 12 months for the Government of Canada to process a Criminal Rehabilitation application, so it is best for interested parties to get started well before they plan to actually start applying to airlines.

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How Does an Airline Know About My Criminal History?

Almost all US-based airlines run an extensive background check on every person they are interested in hiring. This typically happens after a candidate has completed an in-person interview and has received a Conditional Job Offer (CJO) for a flight attendant position. While there are a few criminal convictions that do not necessarily prevent a person from traveling to Canada, such as possession of marijuana for personal use or disorderly conduct, the vast majority of offenses such as possession of a controlled substance, theft, shoplifting, and domestic violence can all render a person criminally inadmissible to Canada. Many driving offenses including DUI, DWI, DWAI, OWI, OVI, and reckless driving also equate to a potentially serious crime in Canada and thus render a person ineligible for travel north of the border. Similar to anyone wanting to get a job as a flight attendant, pilots with a criminal history will also typically need access to Canada in order to get hired by a major airline for a pilot position.

If an American with a criminal history is not yet eligible to apply for Rehabilitation, their only option for gaining access to Canada is usually to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). While this can be a quicker process, obtaining a Canada TRP requires a valid reason for travel and unless the person has received a Conditional Job Offer (CJO) from an airline it will often be exceedingly difficult to get a TRP in hopes of becoming a flight attendant. Consequently, if eligible for Criminal Rehabilitation, this is always the best route to go. In some cases, it may be possible to apply for both a TRP and Rehab at the same time in an effort to be allowed entry asap while also attempting to fix the situation long-term. Many airlines will not allow you to begin training until you have been officially approved for access to Canada. Even if you submitted a Rehabilitation application a long time ago, if it has not yet be fully processed you may not be allowed to join a training class.

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